Mischa Barton Goes Bangy at Oscar Generale

Making the most of a sunny SoCal afternoon, Mischa Barton was spotted at the Oscar Generale Showroom in Beverly Hills yesterday (November 24).

The "Oh in Ohio" actress looked a bit spaced out as she strolled past nearby paparazzi, sporting a snazzy stylish ensemble with a bangy coif.

And it sounds like fans of "The Beautiful Life" will get to see the remaining episodes that weren't aired after the CW cut the show earlier this season.

According to a report, Mischa & Co. Will be back this summer with the unseen episodes, though the show isn't going back into production as of now.

For pictures of Mischa Barton out at the Oscar Generale Showroom (November 24), CLICK HERE

Source: www.celebspin.com

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