Did Kim Kardashian Have Plastic Surgery?

Are the rumors true that Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery? Is she so desperate to stay in the news that she'd take these drastic measures? When Star magazine alleged that Kim had plastic surgery on her face, the reality star felt compelled to respond. She posted on her personal blog:

"Star Magazine is saying I had plastic surgery to make my nose and lips smaller! Why would someone want smaller lips?! LOL. It's all about the makeup and the angle from which the photo was taken! I guess it's a compliment to my makeup artist that he does such a good job contouring my nose that it appears smaller. But hey, Star mag thinks it looks smaller... yay! My dream come true, hahaha!"

Kudos to Kim for deciding to not only address the rumors but also have fun with them. So maybe she didn't have any work done on her face, but what about the rest of her body?

Source: http://gossip.about.com

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