Mariah Carey Gets Nominated For 'Prescious'

After submitting us to the most gawdawful acting performance in many a decade, Mariah Carey has come out on top.

We were impressed with her performance, although it's just a small supporting role, and with the fact that she did it without or with very little make up. If you've seen "Prescious" then you know Mariah didn't look like a diva in it. She looked kind of plain and frumpy.

Anyway she did do a great job portraying the social worker in charge of Prescious's case. And the Palm Sprins Film Festival feels the same. They are awarding her with the best Breakthrough Performance honor this coming January.

People who have received that honor before her include, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Hudson, Felicity Huffman and Freida Pinto. Great job Mariah!

In case you didn't know, Mariah has received five Grammys and has had eighteen Number One songs. Her first acting gig was in "The Bachelor" and then she went on to that awful "Glitter", "Wisegirls", "Tenesse", then "Prescious".

By Richie Berges, http://woodenspears.com

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