Michael Lohan Shit Talks Jon In TLC Deposition

As the legal war wages on between Jon Gosselin and TLC, Michael Lohan gave a deposition that his boyfriend will not take too kindly!!

Lohan spent two and a half hours detailing his business dealings with Jon on Wednesday in NYC.

"They only did he give deets on deals he made with Gosselin with a magazine, but he mentioned several "Las Vegas personal appearances. There were some at Ghost Bar, Prive, and the MGM Grand Hotel."

And he wouldn't shut up!!!

"I think the attorneys from Williams & Connolly were very thorough," he said of the TLC legal team.
"I think they did a great job. They asked the approriate questions and they got the answers they wanted. I think they have a very, very strong case, one that I definitely don't think they'll lose. So good luck to Jon."

Congratulations, Michael Lohan! You're the only person who can make Jon Gosselin look like a saint!!!

Source: http://m.perezhilton.com

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