J-Lo's Ex -Husband Is Countersuing Her For $100 Million!

This Ojani Noa guy, Jennifer Lopez' first ex-husband, just keeps getting dumber and dumber. First of all dude, it's been years since you and J-Lo have been divorced.

Why aren't you letting go? Why don't you move on with your life and get a waiter job just like you had when you met her.?Second, just what the eff do you think you'll achieve by countersuing her for $100 million?

Don't you know you're going to have to get a real attorney to do this for you? Your representative, Ed Meyer, isn't an attorney and is probably as bright as the dimmest light bulb from the 99 Cent store. Think about it Ojani, Ed Meyer, was also an actor, which in our dictionary is a synonym to mildly retarted.

And on his website he has a South Park cartoon knock off which he, himself, could get sued for. Now, how bright of a businessman can your buddy Ed, the so called "entertainment consultant" really be? So when J-lo's legal team begins to fight back with letters and depositions, how the hell are you going to scrub up the hundreds of thousands it's going to take to sue for $100 Million on a waiter's salary?

Please do us all a favor. No one wants to see your less than talented ass on screen anyway. Even if you make this "mockumentary" you've been wanting to do about your obsessive thought, J-Lo, no onebut your friends and you are going to want to see it.

So, countersuing J-Lo and her father for defation because he said you were a "pain in the ass", and her law firm because you claim they intentionally interfered with the production of you mackumentary, which by court order a few years ago you aren't supposed to do anyway, makes you look really stupid (or should we say really reveals your true IQ) and worse makes you look like a whinny little school girl.

So take off that little pink satin skirt, grow some balls and move on with your pitiful life.

by Richie Berges, http://woodenspears.com

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