TV Host Gains Condemnation For Susan Boyle Comments

A New Zealand newspaper has condemned Paul Henry, who apparently once worked for the BBC and was talking about Boyle on the New Zealand's TVOne's Breakfast.

He described Boyle as "retarded" and laughed when he read that she had been starved of oxygen at birth.

"If you look at her carefully, you can make it out," he added.

The Sunday Express claimed that Henry's co-host Pippa wetzell said: "That is not funny. That's awful. She's had such a tragic life, that woman."

IHC New Zealand, a charity for people with learning disabilities, has critized Henry's comments and urged people to complain.

Sunday News reported that Henry described the charity's campaign as "shameful" and added that he "didn't regret anything I say".

Source: www.hotgossip.com

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