Alicia Keys Ready For Motherhood

Us R'n'B singer Alicia Keys wants to have a baby and is considering starting a family in the near future.

Alicia Keys wants to start a family.

The 'No One' singer-who is believed to be dating hip-hop star Swizz Beats-admits she has started feeling broody and hopes to have a baby in the future.

Alicia, 28, said: "I definitely want a family. To be a mother, that's going to be a beautiful time in life. I don't feel like I reached the top. I have a lot more to climb. I want to continue growing and expressing myself creatively."

The musician releases her new album 'The Element of Freedom' next month and she says the songs included on it are more emotionally honest than her previous LPs.

She added to the Toronto Sun newspaper: "You will hear a mixture of strong and delicate. A new sound and a new emotion. That's a lot of who I am right now. Before, I thought I could only show the strong side of me. Pain is just an immediate feeling that drives me to write. But now I can say that even in Joy I can express myself."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

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