Mickey Rourke Wins Best Actor at Golden Globes 2009

Mickey Rourke takes hone Best Actor Award at the Golden Globes 2009 last nigh for his role in The Wrestler.

Definitely a big comeback for Rourke. Mickey gave a pretty down-to-earth and thankful acceptance speech-highlighted by frequent use of the word "balls" as a compliment yet very thanful. See video below and an old handsome pic of Rourke in 9 1/2 weeks.

Mickey didn't always look like this before. For those who aren't old enough, Mickey was born September 16, 1952 in New York. He was trained as a boxer in his early years. In the early 80s, Rourke starred in Body Heat in which he portrayed an arsonist which gained him significant attention and fame.

Then there came the sexual controversial box office hit, 9 1/2 weeks starring opposite Kim Basinger. Believe it or not, it helped Rourke gained his sex symbol status. Ok, you may want to stay away from plastic surgeries, substance addictions if you want to grow old gracefully, methink.

Anyway, congratulations and hope we are going to see more of Rourke from now on! Oscar for Mickey? What do you think?

Source: http://anythinghollywood.com

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