Stephanie Pratt Calls DUI Arrest a 'Blessing'

Life has changed for Stephanie Pratt since her arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. Surprisingly, life's never been better. "It was the worst thing to happan to me and, at the same time, it was the biggest blessing," the Hills' star and sister of Spencer told People.

Although an arrest in the public eye has the potential to be extremely traumatic, don't expect a meltdown from Pratt, who said she's learned a lot from the experience."I learned to not fall apart, which is something that I usually do when something goes bad in my life," she said. "I learned that it is all about temptation and that I am being tested."

Instead of falling apart, Pratt has used the arrest as inspiration to improve her life. "This is the first time that I haven't screwed up more after a bad thing," she said.
"And I didn't fall apart and say, 'I hate my life, I want to die!' It's the first time in twenty-three years that I went the other way!"

Pratt is already seeing the benefits of her decision. "Two weeks ago I found a partner for a handbag line that I've dreamed about since the seventh-grade," she said. "And I'm closer to my parents and I've

never been happier in my life! I've had problems in my past, but I would just let them turn into showballs that turned into avalanches. And this is the first time that I've ever done anything different."

By: PopEater Staff, www.popeater.com

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