A Violent Past for Alleged Cindy Crawford Extortionist: Exes Claimed Abuse and Rape

Cindy Crawford's nanny was apparently mixing it up with the wrong kind of guy.

Court documents show that Edis Kayalar, who's accused of trying to extort more than $100,000 from Crawford and her husband, has a sordid past that includes allegations of rape and abuse from his ex-wife and another girlfriend.

Kayalar's ex, Jaclyn Marie Freckmann, obtained a restraining order against him last year after accusing him of raping and beating her in February 2008 when she asked him to move out after barely three months of marriage, according to the filing obtained by E! News.

The morning after she kicked him out, she says, he broke into the house, saying he didn't love her and had only married her for citizenship.

"I wouldn't speak to him so he punched, choked, restrained me, and then he continued to beat me and then rape me," Freckmann stated.

And yesterday he was only an alleged extortionist.

Freckmann also claimed that Kayalar, a German citizen who was deported back to his home country last month, had substance abuse problems.

"On numerous occasions since marriage three months ago," she declared, "respondent has physically beaten me by pushing, hitting, punching, kicking, shoving, gagging, throwing and pinning me down. I have scratches on my chest and bruises on my body."

Another reationship Kayalar had afterward also went sour, according to a declaration from the woman obtained by TMZ.

Marissa Rukgaber said in an appeal for a restraining order that he slapped and punched her six or seven times when she refused to sleep with him at his friend's house.

The FBI confirmed to E! News yesterday that there is a warrant out for Kayalar's arrest.

According to investigators, he met Crawford and Randy Gerber's nanny at a bar and later swiped and inappropriate picture of the couple's apartments, as well as took Crawford's cell phone number.

Kayalar is now accused of threatening to release the picture of the girl, in which she's sitting in a chair bound and gagged, to the media if the family didn't wire him 100,000 euros.

Crawford and Gerber denied any knowledge of the photo, which the nanny admitted to taking "as a prank."

by Natalie Finn, http://eonline.mobi

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