Jillian Harris May Split With Ed Swiderski

Videos Jillian harris & Ed swiderski from Youtube

Jillian Harris and her fiance Ed Sweiderski may split very soon as the rumor is floating the gossip market, as it is being said that "The couple is taking some time apart to re-evaluate their relationship."

This news came as a shock to fans of the Former "Bachelorette" star "Jillian Harris," as the start got engaged with Swiderski back in 2009 and even discussed their wedding plans in 2010. And Harris looked quite happy with her fiance as she told media, "It feels more normal than any relationship I've ever had. When we're together it's it's very real."

However the things are quite different now as Jillian has already moved out her Fiance's flat back into her parents flat, even though it is said to be the temporary separation. As Harris made it clear,"It's not really a 'split' though... We have just been having a tough time, and I needed to go back home. We have great times, and we definetely have had a couple of trying months. But we are real people, so try to thing of that before you judge anybody on TV."

Well if it's just a temporary separation then it's not an issue as every couple goes through it, however ie it's a bit more serious kinda separation then the couple needs to watch that for sure.

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