Sandra Bullock and Others Who Don't Think They Have an Oscar Chance

Click Video Sandra Bullock Oscar 2010 award nomination (The blind side) Nominee Luncheon from Youtube

After winning top honors at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globes, Sandra Bullock received her first Oscar nomination this year for "The Blind Side." But she's already convinced she's not bringing the little man home.

"I'm so not winning an Oscar," said the feisty brunette. "Nine times out of ten I always pick who's going to win. And I already know who's going to win."

Hmmm ... sounds like she's using a little reverse psychology, doesn't it? Still, I'm sorta digging Bullock's self-deprecation. Over the years, a few of her fellow movie-makers have made similiar pronouncement. Let's see how it turned out for them.

James Cameron

Ok, so we don't know who will win this one, either, but James Cameron doesn't think he'll win Best Director for "Avatar." Not because he doesn't deserve a win, but because Cameron thinks he peeved off the Oscar bosses when he said "I'm king of the world!" after winning Best Director for "Titanic."

He explains, "I always believe it's very unlike that lightning will strike twice. I believe it's very unlikely that we will win because I made such a jacka** out of myself last time."

Instead, Cameron is cheering for his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, to win for "The Hurt Locker."

"I would happily lose to her," he said. "I've already got one of those damn statues."

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