Paula Abdul confirms she's 'doing a TV show'

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Was Paula Abdul dropping hints Friday morning on the Johnjay and Rich Show?

When asked to give a clue as to her next project, she said, "Drop a clue? Oh, I'm gonna be going back to my roots and doing a TV show that has something to do with my roots," she said this morning on the morning radio program, after dodging several questions asking her to confirm rumors that she'll be reunited with Simon Cowell on his new X Factor show.

"I'm going back to doing some teaching on television in that kind of capacity," she added. "And what else can I tell you? I might be doing something with the Laker Girls."

Paula said whatever project she does sign on for, she'll be the one to announce it. "You'll just have to hear it from me," she said. "I hate having to say that, but you know, there are a lot of factors."

Source: www.azcentral.com

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