Comparison: iPhone Or Blackberry Strom

Today are the most preferred smartphones in the market. Both account for the majority of sales in the segment and not without reason. Blackberry has been the preferred device for the executive over the years, and ever since iPhone was launched, smartphones made their way into the normal user's hands.

Now in the touch scren era, Blacberry too has its own touch screen phone, the Blackberry Strom. It's the first touch screen phone from Blackberry, pitted against the iPhone and other such touch screen based smartphones. So which amongst these is really the better option?


iPhone is unmatched with its touchsreen. No other phone offers the ease of use as the iPhone, not even the Strom. Blackberry features a better camera, both in terms of quality and its specification.

The iPhone which earlier had a 2.0 megapixel camera, now has been upgraded to a 3.0 megapixel camera with the launch of the new iPhone 3GS.The Blackberry has a 3.2 megapixel camera which is better than iPhone's.
The Blackberry looks more durable with its built, great for a guy who occasionally drops his phone. Blackberry gives you the feel of a solidy constructed phone.

Even though Apple is
renowned for its rich user interface and great aethetics, Blackberry doesn't really disappoint. Infact it look pretty good and it's more of a personal taste as to what appeals more.

The black finish, aluminum back, and rich transflective screen makes it look as appealing as an iPhone. A very important feature missing in the Strom is a Wi-Fi. Inspite of offering a web browser and multimedia capabilities, an absent Wi-Fi, is a real miss. Although both have 3G network capabilities, a Wi-Fi offers better speeds.


iPhone is really the big daddy of applications. Apple's App Store has received more than a billion downloads with more than 65,000 applications available for download.

Blackberry simply doesn't stand close iPhone in the applications department. The various kinds of applications available, even for free, makes iPhone application development a profitable proposition.


Both the phones have their own prons and cons, and its more of a personal choice if one was to choose between the two. Blacberry Strom for the first time is a phone which does't just try to match the iPhone, but actually does it.

Blackberry has been the preferred phone for the executives and they will love the Strom even more. iPhone is a brand now which is appealing
to the masses and with its mass acceptance and use, its rapidly gained the preference of the youth. In the end the iPhone and Strom both are worthy phones and both are close to each other when compared overall.

By: Cathy Brown, www.articlesphere.com

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