Global crisis in the large company

Conditions in the United states, europe asia and australia exchange conditions and the global financial markets have experienced a very heavy.

Due Pressure loss that occurs in the market (subrime mortgages) that financial united states, major financial impact intstituations began to troble due to the value of their investment reduced.

Company such a lehman brothers and also DuPont experience financial diffuculty. Stock condition is also concern that in the dow jones index drop to a low position.

The impact of the financial crisis began to hit DuPont about a month after the collase of lehman brothers in september 2008. Sales volume slid, good customers cancelled orders and employees were gripped by fear and uncertainly.

As the environment worsened and sales fell by up to 50% in some units, DuPont CEO ellen j. Kullman ordered two trumatic restructurings.

Perhaps more importantly for DuPont's future, kullman also concluded that the company faced a "new reality" requiring fundamental changes if were to remain successful.

Her challenge was balancing the need for immediate action to maintain the company's financial stability during the crisis,
while focusing on strategic preserve the company's leading market position in the future.

Among the highest hurdles: Motivating employees to work nn the things the could control and avoid becoming paralyzed by the market's volatility.

Speaking at the recent 13th annual wharton leadership conference, co-sponsored by the center for human resources and the center for leadersip & change management, kullman described how she changed the company's thinking about its business model, while reinforcing its 200-year-old culture of innovation.

"the question is
, give the megatrends in the world and given the new economy, what changes do we have to make to continue to be successful?... There is no playbook for what we are experiencing today,"said kullman,53, a 20-year DuPont executive whe became CEO in january

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