Rob Thomas Speaks Out on Party Down Cancellation--Is the Veronica Mars Movie Next?

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Update, 12:13 p.m.: Rob Thomas, the mastermind behind Party Down, the series Starz just stupidly canceled, just gave me his thoughts on the "disappointing" news, and what he's working on now.

Psst...Please oh please say it's the Veronica Mars movie (Rob created that show too). Or hey, even a Party Down movie would rock...

Alas, Rob tells me his next project is something new with new characters. The upside? It's for a network that has a pretty bangin' track record as of late. "I'm writing a drama pilot set in the world of corporate espionage for Showtime," Rob says when I asked if he might be working on the V.M. movie.

Showtime + Rob Thomas = Magic according to leading mathematicians.

As for the heartbreaking (to us fans) cancellation of Party Down, Rob tells me:"I'm not sure that any of us are terribly surprised today, but we're all really disappointed. One of the things we loved about doing the show is that we felt like we got to write to an audience of our circle of friends. I think that's exactly who ended up watching it. So, in that respect, mission accomplished!"

Indeed. And anyone who saw Friday's episode--with the return of Jane Lynch--knows how crazy good this show can be, for those of us who shared it in that circle.

Now the details of the cancellation revealed earlier today..

File this under news that totally sucks.

Starz has decided not to renew critical fave Party Down after just two short seasons, and tons of love from TV folks like us. Unfortunately, the numbers simply weren't there (in Nielsen terms, just about no one was tuning in!), so a third season is off the table.

Explains Starz executive vice president of programing Stephen Shelanski, who also announced the end of freshman series Gravity today:

"After careful consideration, we've decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity. We're grateful to everyone involved in the shows, and are proud to have had them on the channel. Starz remains committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup."

P.D. fans can still get a minifix of its stars by tuning in to see Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation (whenever that returns) and Ryan Hansen in NBC's new fall series Friends With Benefits. But...sigh...it just won't be thd same without Lizzy Caplan and Ken Marino in the mix, will it?

By Kristin Dos Santos and Megan Masters, http://eonline.mobi

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