Megan Fox Got Married Because She's Pregnant

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At least according to Star magazine. In their print edition this week they posted this little blurb that may confirm that Megan Fox was knocked up when she got married
in Hawaii last week.

Could it be because there's more than just love in the air?

"It's being whispered that they got married because Megan's expecting
," a source tells Star. A friend of Megan admits she's "been trying to get pregnant." And Brian was spotted lovingly rubbing his wife's belly. "He was really gentle with her, especially when touched her stomach. She was glowing," says the source.

Not sure I can buy into this one. Megan has lost so much weight lately, it's possible she might have a hard time getting pregnant. Plus, since getting fired from Transformers she going to have start hustling to keep her career afloat. Meanwhile, her new hubby will be bringing home he bacon from his new role on Desperate Housewives.

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