Salma Hayek: The Late Show with David Letterman

Video Salma hayek and David letterman Show from Youtube

Salma Hayek made her buggy presence on "The Late Show with David Letterman," on Monday, June 21. Salma with David then it's always a fun to watch as she almost stunned the crowd at the show by telling that she likes to eat bugs and the whole chat revolded around on how good some of these bugs can taste.

Salma said."We eat bugs - and we have many recipes for some of them. Escamoles, which are the eggs of these little ants, are amazing fried with a little guacamole. And there are many different recipes for worms.

These little ants fried are amazing - with a little guacamole. And the worms...there are many different recipes for those. The little grasshoppers have a smoky flavor to them. It's the way they cook them, and it's really good." David also hinted at her English speaking ability.

She also added further,"Escamoles not easy to find - they"re delicatessens." Then David corrected her by saying, "They're delicacies. Delicatessens are easy to find." Salma was quick to respond."They're delicacies, yes-sorry. My French is getting a little better, but my English is getting a lot worse."

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