Russell Brand Praises Katy Perry After She Wears West Ham Basque At MTV EMas Comedian praises his girlfriend...

Russell Brand has praised girlfriend Katy Perry after she wore a West Ham basque while hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The revealing outfit featured the team's logo and also had the British comedian's Twitter nickname - Rusty - inscribed on it.

Commenting on Perry's look on his micro-blogging page, Brand wrote. "Wow. Now MY GIRLFRIEND has worn a West Ham basque while hosting the EMA's.

"What a day! I might revive Gandhi and ask if he wants to be mates."

Katy Perry wore twelve different outfits during the ceremony in Berlin.

In a later message, Brand revealed that he also planned to take I Kissed A Girl singdr to watch the team play.

"Yes I will be taking her to a game - West Ham Vs Everton. And, before it begins, no I won't be taking her up the Arsenal," he wrote.

Perry, who was hosting the ceremony for a second year running, showcased 12 different costumes throughout the night in Berlin.

Other highlights included a pointer pair of bras and knickers and a ball gown covered in holes.

By: Jason Gregory www.entertainmentwise.com

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