Management and strategies

Effort required to manage an effective management strategies and systems required sufficient working patterns to improve the performance of a business, management is a business that requires administrative human resources intelligently and efficiently.

Some view time management as an inborn ability-you either have it or you don't. The truth of the matter is that time management is a set of systems, tools and skills that when utilized, allow us to get optimal value out of our time.

Successful time management involves first making the choice to be effective at managing one's time, having an effective system that suits your personality and needs and then acquiring the skills necessary.

It's true that all of us have natural talents and for some of us, effectively managing time is one of our natural talents. If, however, you happen to be someone who is not instinctively inclined to effective time management, there is really no mystery about it.

Choosing to be an effective time manager is the foundation. The next step is finding a system that will work for you. So many times, I have seen people choose a PDA, (personal digital assistant, such as a Palm Pilot), to help them manage and then end up not liking it or not using it. This is usually because the electronic route isn't the one for them. Taking the time to assess your personal and natural preferences and then choosing a system based upon those preferences is essential in deciding on a system that will work for you.

Once you find the right system, it's time to acquire the skills that will assist you in managing your time. Remember that effective time management is a habit that takes a few weeks to form and that learning to manage time is an art. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to form you new habit and work out the kinks.

Here are 10 Top Time Management Tips to guide you...

- Use a time management system that's right for you
- Set goals and priorities to stay focused on the right things
- Plan your week
- Don't over schedule
- Delegate
- Cut back on the clutter
- Act now: take immediate action, delegate, file, discard
- Learn to say "No"
- Allow time to form your new habit
- Just do it!.

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