Finally,with the vote UN security council unannimously condemn the action testing nuclear north korea and the vialition of the resolution by the first nuclear test 2006.

Council ratify the UN security resolution 1718 on october 2006,council also prohibit nuclear testing again and lunch rudal and provide limited financial sanction and some of the weapons trade embargo againts north korea.

Although international in decline because doing more nuclear test in 2009 north korea continues to remove the north threat. korea indispose also not to attack south korea and the united states military base in south korea.

Threat the say in north korea after south korea joined the states proliferation security initiative (PSI). launc initiatives in the current goverment george w. bush as part of the war againts terors.

Agency north korea KCNA news quated a military spokesperson for north korea each action hostility,including search and arnest of ships our peace,we will not consider receipt againts our sovereignty and we will soon face a military attck is strong,said military spokesman officials north korea.

They are not reluctant to declare war and threaten the stability,security world especially in the make sure that north korea has nuclear upstream a very serious global security.

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