If there were any doubts about madonna still having it at the age of 50, her sticky and swee tour should put those questions to rest.

If the british tabloids are to be believed, madonna sought a divorce from film director guy ritchie, in part, because he was verbally abusive and said she looked like a"granny" on stage beside the younger, nubile dancers that serve as props in her shows.

But it's probably fair to say that most 50-year-old women would kill fos the pop star's chiselled body, which she still flaunts for her fans.

Madonnda kicked off the first of her canadian tour dates on saturday night in toronto with a sold out show at he air canada centre, and within the first minute, she was peeling off clothes.

The "Material Girl" opened with candy shop off her latest album hard candy, and the first image the audience was treatf to was of madonna sitting on a throne with one leg suggestively thrown over an arm of the chair.

She plays it as sensuous as everg. with nearly every song incorporating some sort of striptease.

Her set-list included
most of the songs off her new album, but was also loaded with what the audience really came to hear -- her classic hits.

Almost half the set was devoted to songs from her extensive back catalogue including into the groove, la isla bonita, like a prayer, and vogue, as well as newer hits like music.

Four video and dance interludes broke up the show, giving madonna time for costume changes and to catch her breath. she also strapped on a guitar for several songs, which lent a new sound to some songs

The downbeat borderline was punched up with power chords and turned into a faster, louder rocker that had fists pumping in the crowd. hung up and ray of light got the same treatment and some fans incorporated air guitar into their dancing;not what you would necessarily expect at a madonna show

For fans wondering if madonna would lip sync, she surprisingly revealed the answer in the very first song: yes.

Whether it was a flub or an act of artistic honesty, she chose not to sing all of the opening number's chorus. even though her voice cut through the arena, at times, her microphone was no where near her face.

But her fans didn't seem to mind, and after watching her dance with boundless energy through nearly number--and sing most songs-- any grudges werf likely forgiven.

The tour kicked off in europe and is now making its way through north america.

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